Heineken Possibles

DB/Heineken engaged us to come up with a comms platform and engagement strategy for a high profile trade incentive they had pitched to the Foodstuffs group. Each of the 300 Foodstuffs store owners were invited to take part in a battle for full RWC 2015 Heineken experiences, which were awarded to the top 40 performers over a nine month period. We proposed a World Cup Possibles theme that identifies all store owners as the main players in a rugby themed trial to find the World Cup 2015 touring squad. We then designed and developed an online portal, where competing store owners could log in and see an overview on sales stats, check where they ranked in relation to other owners, and read news stories. Customer engagement was fantastic with the incentive and platform being lauded a success by both Foodstuffs and DB/Heineken.

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