Pai Kai - Brand Identity, Illustration and Packaging

I worked as lead designer on the identity for 'Pai Kai', a NZ deli food brand, created to sit as a 'second tier' product below their more premium imported range. The brief was to design a brand that would appeal to NZ customers looking for a good quality, affordable product. It needed to look contemporary and stand out from established mainstream brands. I worked with Auckland design studio Amplifier to create everything within the broader brand strategy including name and tagline, visual direction, tone of copy etc. We identified that this brand should be distinctly 'kiwi' and unpretentious, naming it from the Maori words for 'good food', using kiwi slang in the product descriptions, and illustrating idyllic NZ scenes. I was responsible for the brand mark, illustrations, typography and packaging design. While Pai Kai unfortunately never made it to supermarket shelves due to changes within the client's management, it was very well received.

 — Alternative Brand Marks —
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